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Hello, could not resist replacing my old story of what happened a few years. 'm dogging taken on Thursday night at Doncaster, and hope as hot a story to tell you later. Watch this space............. I'm very hot, thin TV. My wife works from home twice a week, for me much time to enjoy momporn my feminine side. Last week I spent the day working and then I went, go swimming every day, momporn shaving and moisturizing ready to go to a local beauty spot on the banks of the River Lune near Caton dogging, Lancaster , known by / cruise. I n my ​​Basque black, matching thong, black lace stockings pulled up and I put my makeup. I dress and wear makeup since I was 11 years and am very convincing, especially with my dark wig Bob Brown. When I do my hair and makeup, I'm in a white blouse with lace, and one of my wife's skirts pencil stripes, and a pair of black suede boots. , I saw a lot momporn ofan elegantly dressed, and was secretary feelinf hot. I get in my bed and crashed about a quarter of a tube momporn momporn of ky I adjusted my thong from behind and fell to the ground. suede jacket I decided to use my wife, and took one of his bags and headed to my car that was parked at the corner of my house. After checking that the neighbors were not there when I left the house, but momporn could not resist a walk around the block before returning to my car and Caton accounting. was very hot today and could not wait to get there. When I got to the parking lot, I saw two guys quickly disconnected and returned to their cars, but not a rose, but remained quietly behind their vehicles. I parked and checked in my lipstick in the mirror, turn the oven light, to see that I am a girl tv / se. They moved slowly to my car and I could see he had his cock in his hand. rejected the window as he approached and said hello. walked up my car, still in his semi erect penis and put my hand and slowly began to masturbate him. The other momporn man was standing beside him with his tail. A man was about 40 and the other much younger, maybe 23 / 24 The first time Man of straw could see that his penis was very large, much larger than younger people but not always. I asked if I would suck his cock, so I'm out of my car, knelt down and momporn took it into my mouth. opened his pants, he fell on his ankle and hello as he sucked, he began to caress my ass, working on his hand under my skirt and my thighs, until I finally reached my panties. She took them aside and began to finger my ass and then asked his friend, who is momporn now also very difficult to absorb. I switched cocks, sucking younger guys long thin tail, while the oldest man to me, flirting with one finger, then with the second finger I asked if I wanted to be fucked. I could barely speak with the young gUys cock still in my mouth, but he murmured, yes. I pulled everything I leaned on the hood of my car, forcing me to stop sucking his dick with other kids. I leaned forward in his entire campaign, and pulled the skirt over my hips and pulled my panties to one side. I could feel his thick cock pushed the entry or my hole, and pushed violently and mercilessly right into me completely until it stops. was able to push this feeling his balls hit momporn my ass. It hurt at first, but quickly began to fuck me. relatively slow at first but then harder and faster with each thrust. I turned around and took the key of young boys in my hand and began to masturbate. is wedged between me and the car and forced his cock in my mouth. momporn spat me two men very hard and hot, and I felt so hot and dizzy. The older man momporn pulled his tail and told him to go to the younger, and they exchanged positions and pushed the older man to his fellowck inserted into the mouth, a little younger that it was extended to the ass. He took me much softer than the older man, and I was in heaven. After 10/15 minutes, they changed again, and already have another car stopped in the parking lot. None of us care and the other parked car when he was held in the fucking and sucking. The older man began to really fuck me now, called me a whore and a bitch in heat. The gat harder and faster until I complained and felt good to pull it, it felt like a gallon of sperm momporn inside me. This was the first time I've been fucked bare back and was a great experience when I made my sperm left behind his beautiful sense, some filters and ran from my thigh. As soon as he moved, removed his pants, went to his car and drove away. I was still sucking the young, as if my life depended on it, when suddenly I'll have a cock shoved up his ass felt. was the one that i stoppedn his car and closed my eyes while he fucks me so hard and rough as the first husband had begun. It came very quickly and left quickly. had not yet seen his face or his tail. All I knew was that drained me even more full of cum and I could feel my legs slowly. The younger man and I were alone, and asked me if I was okay. I stopped sucking and told him I was, and held me in his arms and apologized for the harshness shown by the other two guys. I looked up and smiled both looking into each others eyes and began to kiss passionately. We kissed and cuddled for a while and ran his fingers up and down the back and neck, and then slowly exposed my butt yet. momporn I pulled back the hood of the car and bent, as he puts it behind me. I wondered if it was possible to me and I love my legs even more, to show my approval. slowly entered me and began to push gently andout. Suddenly he stopped and asked if momporn we could get in the car, so I climbed into the back seat and fell on his back. up on me and wrapped my legs around his waist as they fell on me. I've never felt so feminine in my life, as he gently push in and out, while I moved my hips up to meet each of your shots. we kissed deeply, word of mouth as he fucked me. I said as I picked the best we had, male or female, and he wants me to be his girlfriend. I told him I have never experienced a feeling like that, and I'd love to be with him, being his friend. We sat down to kiss, our tongues in each other 's mouth, until I will raise him up and finally hits thrill of an intense orgasm, I felt satisfied with his sperm. Then we put together a long time, talking, and he told me that I am the prettiest girl I had never been with. He looked very ggod and I told him if he thought he could not 't care fall in love with him. We have adjusted our clothes and we sat and talked some more, exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet again next week, in another place, which is very quiet and unobtrusive. momporn When I got home my underwear was with the sperm of the three boys saturated and masturbated me, my dildo stuck in my very, very stretched hole. that finally came with a power I never knew, and masturbated three times that night, but this time my thoughts were only for S, my young lover. momporn I hope to be able to upgrade to more after next week..... Debbie xxx
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